2014 Bond Election

Grand Haven Area Public Schools will have three proposals on the May 6 ballot: the annual Non-Principal Residence Renewal, and two bond proposals asking for support for technology, safety and security, and facility improvements.

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Non-Principal Residence Renewal
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Non-Principal Residence Renewal

  • This is a renewal of 18 mills on non-principal residence and other non-exempt property and six mills on commercial personal property.
  • This proposal represents an annual renewal (i.e. not an increase) of millage, which does not affect the taxes on a homeowner’s principal residence.
  • Passage of the Non-Principal Residence Renewal means a continuation of over $17.3 million in revenue needed to maintain Grand Haven Area Public Schools’ programs and services.


Proposal 1: 0 mills

  • Proposal I provides 1-to-1 technology and infrastructure improvements in all district buildings, provides resources for roof and bus replacements, provides safety and security upgrades, as well as student learning equipment for approximately the next 10 years.
  • The cost for Proposal I is $36 million. Passage of this proposal would not increase the current millage rate for voters because of a combination of the district’s strong taxable values and the retirement of previous bond debts. These factors will result in no increase to the current bond mill rate.
  • Proposal 1 Cost to Taxpayer: No Increase


Proposal 2: 0.47 mills

  • Proposal 2 allows for district-wide fencing, asbestos removal, improved traffic areas at Grand Haven High School and Lakeshore Middle School, athletic improvements (including repurposing and expanding space), and arts improvements (including repurposing and expanding space).
  • The cost for Proposal 2 is $9.69 million. Passage of Proposal 2 would increase the current mill rate by 0.47 mills for approximately 10 years.
  • Proposal 2 Cost to Taxpayer: 0.47 mill


Proposal 2: Cost to Taxpayers

  • Market value of home - $100,000 (Taxable value of home - $50,000)
    • Yearly tax increase          $    23.50
    • Monthly tax increase       $      1.96
    • Daily tax increase            $      0.07
  • Market value of home - $150,000 (Taxable value of home - $75,000)
    • Yearly tax increase          $    35.25
    • Monthly tax increase       $      2.94
    • Daily tax increase            $      0.10
  • Market value of home - $200,000 (Taxable value of home - $100,000)
    • Yearly tax increase          $    47.00
    • Monthly tax increase       $      3.92
    • Daily tax increase            $      0.14
  • Market value of home - $250,000 (Taxable value of home - $125,000)
    • Yearly tax increase          $    58.75
    • Monthly tax increase       $      4.90
    • Daily tax increase            $      0.17



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is GHAPS able to generate this amount of revenue?
    With our strong taxable value and paying off of previous debt, we can generate $36 million with no increase in millage, and $9.69 million with a small increase in millage. Currently, the tax levy for Grand Haven Area Public Schools is the lowest in Ottawa County, and will continue to be even with the passage of both proposals. Additionally, our debt will continue to drop off over the years. We also benefit from a strong tax base, where our mills generate much more revenue than in other communities.
  • How long will these bond funds last?
    Our district is very fortunate to have the ability to present these proposals, which provides for a 10-year sustainability plan. The funds will address both short-term and long-term investment, as well as relieve general fund costs, allowing us to maintain critical instructional dollars.
  • I am a second homeowner. Can you explain the Non-Principal Residence Rewenal?
    In total, the 18 mills operational levy brings in approximately $17.3 million from our non-principal residence (also referred to as non-homestead) tax base, which includes residential second homes and commercial property. This amount equates to a local per pupil amount of $2,795. State aid picks up the remaining amount of our operational funding to bring us up to our foundation grant of $7,290 per pupil. A few items to note:
    • 37 percent of the tax base used to generate the $17.3 million of non-principal residence comes from Consumers Power.
    • The debt levy collected from non-principal residence is significantly lower in the Grand Haven Area Public Schools district versus most school districts with smaller tax bases (i.e., no power plant).
  • How do I register to vote?
    You can register to vote by mail; at your county, city, or township clerk's office; or by visiting any Secretary of State branch office.



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