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Program Structure

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the way teaching and learning takes place in our classrooms will look different this fall. Over the last 12 months, staff has been preparing for the arrival of our 1:1 technology program, and starting 2015, every GHAPS student in grades Y5-12 will be issued a device to use in their classrooms.  

Over a two-year period, a committee of teachers, administrators, community members and parents met to discuss how technology could positively impact our classrooms, and better prepare students for their experiences after graduation. This group felt strongly that any technology in the classroom should do the following:

  • Increase Access to information Equitably
  • Allow Students to Create, Collaborate and Communicate in Their School Work
  • Help Create Student-Centered Classrooms
  • Increase Student Engagement

The 1:1 technology program is divided up into two parts; Elementary (Y5-4) and Secondary (5-12)


The elementary 1:1 initiative will be cart-based, and devices will not travel home with students. Students will still each be assigned a device that they will get each day and return each day. The expecation is that students will keep their device in good working order. 


Students in grades 5-12, with the exception of Central High School, and Cyber School students will be issued a Google Chromebook that they will take to and from school with them each day. This device will travel back and forth to school with the student, and follow that student through the life of the device. The expectation is that the student will keep the device in good working order and use it to complete their school work.  

Students at Central High School will pick up a Chromebook each day and return the device at the end of each day. The expectation is still that the student will keep the device in good working order and use it to complete their school work.  


Devices at a Glance

iPad Air (Elementary Program)
The iPad Air is a tablet style device with a touch interface, 32GB of storage, front and rear camera, and a rugged case. Follow this link for a complete description of the iPad Air.  

Dell 11 Chromebook
The Chromebook is a laptop-style device with an operating system that is basically an Internet browser. It is not like typical laptop. You cannot install programs on it, but rather this device relies on apps and extentions to be added. The Chromebook has a front-facing web camera, microphone, and 16 GB of storage for offline files, and requires an Internet connetion for most of its use. Follow this link for a complete description of the Dell 11 Chromebook.  



Chromebook Insurance

There is an optional insurance policy parents of students in grades 5-12 can purchase for the 2015-16 school year. It is a one-year plan with $0 Deductible to cover accidental damage and theft of the device. This plan would cover the first two occurrences.  After the first two occurrences, a student would be charged to fix or replace the device by a GHAPS technician.  

The replacement cost of a Chromebook is $235.

If a Chromebook is turned in for repair and the damage done to the device was reported or deemed intentional, the student will be charged for the repair regardless of having insurance or not.  

  • Cost for the insurance plan is $15 plus a $10 late fee if turned in after September 13, 2016.
  • If your family qualifies for reduced lunch, the cost of insurance is $10 plus a $10 late fee if turned in after September 13, 2016.
  • If your family qualifies for free lunch, there is only a $5 fee for the insurance policy plus a $5 late fee if turned in after September 13, 2016.

NOTE: Grades 5-8 are required to keep cases provided by GHAPS on their chromebooks at all times.  Damage resulting from a chromebook being out of the case will void insurance and the damage will be invoiced to the student.


Chromebook FAQ

Q:  Who will receive a Google Chromebook? 

A:  All 5th through 12th graders, as well as instructional staff in the middle, intermediate and high schools. 


Q:  How are you able to afford Google Chromebooks for students in challenging economic times


A:  The financial means to purchase the Google Chromebooks was made possible through a bond issue that was passed by district residents. Operational funds were not used in this initiative. 


Q:  What happens if my Google Chromebook is damaged, lost or stolen? 

A:  The Google Chromebook is the responsibility of the student. Each Google Chromebook comes with a limited warranty program. Should a Google Chromebook be damaged, lost or stolen, the student and parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administration. The filing of a police report by the parent/guardian will be required to complete the insurance claim. 

In the event that an Google Chromebook is damaged intentionally the student will be charged up to $235 for the repair or replacement of the Google Chromebook and power cord. If the Google Chromebook is stolen, the filing of a police report by the parent/guardian will be required. GHAPS may deploy location software that may aid in recovering the Google Chromebook. 


Q:  What happens if a charging cord or other accessory is broken, damaged or malfunctions? 

A:  The school district will provide a replacement to the student in warranty situations. The replacement of damaged or lost items will remain the responsibility of the students. 


Q:  Is the Google Chromebook durable enough to stand up to typical student usage? 

A:  Yes. The Chromebook model that was selected is considered highly durable, but care will still have to be taken with the device.


Q:  Are cases provided to students? 

A:  Cases are provided to students in grades 5-8 starting in 2016.  It is REQUIRED that students keep the cases on their chromebooks at all times.  Damage done to the chromebook while the cases is off will not be covered by insurance and will be the responsibility of the student.


Q:  Do parents need / have to sign a contract? 

A:  Parents and students must sign a Google Chromebook Acceptable Use Agreement, Parent Responsibility Agreement, and Insurance Form. 


Q:  What happens if I do not sign the agreements for my child?

A:  Your student will not receive a Google Chromebook. 


Q:  Will the Google Chromebook contain all of the student’s textbooks? 

A:  While a movement to digital textbooks is in our plans, we are not ready to totally replace student textbooks with digital textbooks at this time. 


Q:  Will the Google Chromebooks be filtered for student-accessed content? 

A:  GHAPS will be filtering the Google Chromebooks at school. The district has invested in a mobile CIPA filter that will filter your student’s device wherever they are. 


Q:  Will Google Chromebooks be password protected? 

A:  Pass codes will be required at the time of setup on all Google Chromebooks to protect the security of student work. 


Q:  Who will repair inoperable Google Chromebooks? 

A:  GHAPS staff will work to ensure that all students have an operable Google Chromebook. Parents should not take a damaged Chromebook to another repair facility or attempt to repair it themselves.


Q: Will students be able to take the Google Chromebook home? 

A: Students in grades 5-12, with the exception of Central High School, will be able to take their Google Chromebook home during the school year to use for school related work, such as homework and other projects if the appropriate forms are received. Central High School students will use a cart-based model.


Q: Will students be able to keep their Google Chromebook during the summer. 

A: No, students will have to turn in their Google Chromebooks by the end of the school year so that staff can service and update them for the following school year. 


Q: How do I clean my Google Chromebook 

A: The Google Chromebook can be cleaned with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the Google Chromebook. Use of unapproved cleaners may remove the protective film covering the face of the Google Chromebook. 


Q: Will student be able to download apps for the  Google Play Store? 

A: Specific approved apps and extensions will be made available in the Google Play Store.


Q: Will I be able to connect the Chromebook to my home WIFI?

A: Yes.  We do not restrict the WIFI networks a Chromebook can connect to.


Q: If we do not have Internet access at home, are there other options for my student? 

A:  There are several options for those who do not have Internet access. Loutit District Library and Spring Lake District Library offers WIFI access in addition to a number of businesses in the Grand Haven area. Ask your specific building office if open times are available for your student to work in the building.

Google Chromebooks can also work in offline mode. Your student can download items from their drive or email account to work on offline, and then the changes will sync back to Google when they re-attach to the WIFI at school. Your student would have to download what they need while at school or connected to a WIFI network.


Q:  What if we have Internet access at home, but not wireless access? 

A:  Google Chromebooks need WIFI to access the internet. There is not a separate ethernet plug to use. You can purchase a separate USB to Ethernet adapter to connect to a wired network for Internet. Please ensure that the adapter you select will work with a Dell 11 Chromebook. The tech department will not troubleshoot accessories to connect to home networks.  


Q:  What if I wish to use my personally-owned device instead of the districts? 

A:  Only the district-issued Chromebook will be connected to wireless, and lessons will be geared towards those devices.


Q: If I have additional questions or concerns about this initiative, whom can I contact?

A: You can contact any building principal by phone or email, or the Help Desk at 616.850.5040. 


Alerts & Notices

School Closing Information

Receive alerts via text message and email via Nixle.



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