Math Support Videos

Math instruction has changed dramatically in the last few years.  New terms and new methods may leave parents confused on how to help their child with their math homework.  Listed below are links to short videos that will give parents the information they need to help their child with their homework.  


  • Tiny Tumblers(Math Mountains) **Coming Soon**
  • Hiding 10 in the Teens **Coming Soon**
  • Addition & Subtraction Proof Drawings w/Sticks & Circles **Coming Soon**
  • Break Apart Sticks **Coming Soon**
  • Finger Flashes **Coming Soon**

1st Grade

  • Math Mountains **Coming Soon**
  • Switch Partners **Coming Soon**
  • Comparison Bars **Coming Soon**

2nd Grade

  • New Groups Below **Coming Soon**
  • Proof Drawing **Coming Soon**
  • Expanded Method 2 Digit **Coming Soon**
  • Show All Method **Coming Soon**
  • Word Problem **Coming Soon**
  • Subtraction Ungroup **Coming Soon**

Third Grade

  • Multiplication Using Area Model and Visuals for Repeated Addition **Coming Soon**
  • Multiplication/Division with Equal Groups in a Story Problem **Coming Soon**
  • Multiplication Using Arrays and Fast Arrays **Coming Soon**
  • Distributive Property Using an Area Model **Coming Soon**
  • Elapsed Time **Coming Soon**
  • Multiple Step Word Problems **Coming Soon**
    • Reading and Understanding
    • Setting up the Equation
    • Showing the Work


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