School Closing Information

The time of year for inclement weather is upon us. Please make sure you are aware of the district's school closing procedures.

School Closing Information

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The safety of all children in the district is always a primary concern. The district has consulted with the emergency and police agencies in the development of these procedures to guard the safety and comfort of every child. It is important that parents know the district emergency school closing procedures, which are uniform in elementary, middle and high schools.

Delayed Opening
In some cases, such as fog or slippery roads, a temporary hazardous condition may exist and allow school to be in session after a “brief ” waiting period in the morning. In such conditions, please listen to the radio stations and television stations listed for further information.

Emergency Closing Before Starting Time (snow, ice, fog)
The decision to close schools because of weather is made in cooperation with state, county and local authorities. The decision is normally made prior to 5:30 a.m. However, in case of rapidly changing weather conditions, the decision could be made later. When local weather conditions appear severe, please check the district website,  GHTV (Channel 98), school closing line (616.850.5100), WGHN, or any major television station up until the time for your students to leave for school.

Early Dismissal After School is in Session
When inclement weather begins to build up during the school day, the administration may dismiss school early. When school is cancelled, local radio stations will be notified. Buses will start their runs early so that special education and elementary students can be delivered home as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to make advance plans for the care of students in this circumstance.

After-school Activities
Activities scheduled after the end of the school day will be cancelled if the safety and well-being of students and staff are jeopardized. The responsible administrator(s), in consultation with other appropriate officials (e.g. National Weather Service officials, Civil Defense officials, appropriate law enforcement agencies, etc.), will determine whether conditions require the cancellation of such activities.

Mechanical Failure
If it is determined that a mechanical failure cannot be repaired within an appropriate time, classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the day. Students will be returned home after morning transportation runs have been completed or as early as it is feasible to obtain bus transportation. It is imperative that parents discuss the possibility of early dismissal thoroughly with their children and make certain they know where to go if parents are not at home.

Tornado Conditions
While a tornado is not a frequent occurrence, each school conducts tornado drills routinely so that all children are familiar with the procedure. Each building is in direct radio communication with the National Weather Service and is provided advance notice of tornado conditions.

Tornado Watch
In the event of a tornado watch (conditions capable of producing a tornado), we are notified immediately by the law enforcement authorities and are provided continuous up-to-the-minute reports on condition changes in our area. Parents are asked not to telephone the school during such time, as it is imperative that telephone lines be kept open to relay emergency instructions from authorities. Should a tornado watch be in effect at school dismissal time, students will be released to go home in the normal manner. There may be times when athletic, co-curricular, and recreational programs will be canceled if the watch is still in effect.

Tornado Warning
Students will not be sent home if a tornado is sighted in the area. Immediate safety measures will be taken; students will remain at emergency stations until the district is notified that the danger is past. Parents are urged to leave their children in the safety of the school building when a tornado warning (sighting) is in effect. We agree with Civil Defense authorities that children are safer in school than they would be traveling home from school. If you must pick up your child, do not telephone; go to the school office and arrange to have your child released to you. Do not ask an older child or neighbor to pick up your child, as school authorities will release a child only to parents. Your cooperation is appreciated in helping to ensure the safety of your youngsters during emergency situations. Your observance of these procedures will enable us to achieve our common goal of safety for every student.

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School Closing Information

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