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The staff of the Transportation Department is committed to safely transporting students to and from school and school-sponsored events. In providing this service, we are bound by set guidelines provided by the board of education. These guidelines define the level and limit of service that can be provided in keeping with cost-effective operation and services required to meet the educational needs of the school district’s students.


  • Students residing within one (1) mile of their schools are not eligible for transportation.
  • A bus stop for a student eligible for transportation can be up to, but no further than, one (1) mile from his/her residence.
  • Buses are to operate at maximum seat usage, but within the rated capacity of the bus by type.
  • A student’s riding time should not exceed one (1) hour.
  • Transportation will not be provided for social activities (i.e. parties, social functions, go home with a friend, etc.)
  • You must be at your bus stop five minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time. Buses do not follow an exact time schedule due to varying traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • Students suspended from school lose riding privileges for the duration of the suspension.
  • School district transportation will not be used to transport students to or from work. With permission from parents and school administrators, students may get off their assigned buses at existing stops for the purpose of work.
  • Items taken on the bus must be enclosed in a standard-sized tote bag or backpack. If your project or item that you need to get to school is too large for the backpack, you need to make arrangements to get to school or have the item dropped off at school for you.

Transfer Policy
Transportation for school-of-choice transfer students within and from outside the school district is provided on a space-available basis. To be considered, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Pick-up and take-home bus stops must be at existing stops along an existing route which services the school-of-choice area.
    • The bus stop requested must be within one (1) mile safe walking distance from the student’s home or day care location.
    • If you live east of US-31 and are concerned about your student walking across US-31 to get to Lakeshore, please take a shuttle bus from either Ferry School (bus 53) or Second Reformed Church (bus 1).
  2. If you live west of US-31 and are concerned about your student walking across US-31 to get to White Pines, please take a shuttle bus from Lakeshore (bus 11 in the a.m. / bus 51 in the p.m).
  3. A “School of Choice Request for Bus Transportation” form has been submitted. This form is available at any Grand Haven Area Public Schools building.


  1. Please be at assigned bus stop on time.
  2. Please do not litter on the school bus.
  3. Please stay off the roadway, and maintain proper conduct while waiting for or leaving a school bus.
  4. Please get on and off at the designated stop. Changes must be approved in writing by a school authority.
  5. Please do not talk in a loud voice, shout or create any other disturbing noises.
  6. Please remain seated. The driver is authorized to assign seats.
  7. Please do not eat or drink on the school bus without permission.
  8. Please do not use profane, vulgar language, or make obscene gestures.
  9. Please cross in front of the bus, not in back.
  10. Please keep your head and hands inside the bus.
  11. Please do not throw objects on the bus or out of the window of the bus.
  12. Please obey instructions of and show respect to the driver.
  13. Please do not harass or bully others, or otherwise be unruly.
  14. Please do not fight.
  15. Please do not spit or bite.
  16. Please do not damage or vandalize the school bus. Students will be required to pay for repair of damage.
  17. Please do not possess or use flammable or explosive devices on the bus.
  18. Please do not possess or use illegal / dangerous substances/items on the bus.
  19. Please do not possess or use tobacco products on the bus.

When a disciplinary problem occurs, the driver will fill out a “Report of Misconduct on School Vehicles” form. Two copies go home to the parent, one copy to the Transportation Director, and one copy goes to the school principal.

A set number of points are assessed for each rule violation and serve to determine the duration of suspension from bus riding privileges. When the period of suspension has been served, the student must return the pink copy of the form signed by a parent before he/she may resume riding the bus. Points are cumulative. Once 20 points have been accumulated, bus riding privileges are suspended for the remainder of the year.

Remember, bus transportation is a privilege. There is no requirement of law which mandates it be provided to you. It is a service we gladly provide to enhance the convenience of education for students and parents. What we ask in return is that students simply conduct themselves in a manner which is in keeping with the safety and due respect of others.

For more information, please contact the Transportation Department at 616.850.5150.


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