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The Super 3 The Big 6 The Big 6/Little15

1. Plan

What do you know (K)

What do you want to find out (W)

Where will you find the answers (W)

1. Task Definition

1. Task Definition

  1. Define the information needed
  2. Identify information requirements

2. Information Seeking

2. Information Seeking Strategies

  1. Determine range of sources
  2. Identify the criteria for evaluating probable sources

2. Do

Locate the answers

Create a product

Share the product (L)

3. Location and Access
of Information

3. Location and Access of Information

  1. Location is the ability to find a range of 
    information sources to meet the defined information task.
  2. Identify and operate available technologies
  3. Access to and from information sources

4. Information Use and



5. Synthesis

4. Information Use and Assessment

  1. Engage information in a source
  2. Assess information found
  3. Extract information from a source

5. Synthesis

  1. Organize information from multiple sources
  2. Present/communicate the information

3. Review

Could the answers be found

Was the product complete

6. Evaluation

6. Evaluation

  1. Judge the process (Efficiency)
  2. Judge the product (Effectiveness)



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