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art class

Learn About Our Classes:

+5th Grade Projects (PDF)
+6th Grade Projects (PDF)
+Art Grading Rubric (PDF)

Examples Of Student Work:


"It is through sight, sound, movement, and creative play that we first learn about the world. Throughout life, the arts remain critical to our balanced development as creative, problem-solving members of our communities. Art not only enriches children's lives, it also has a profound impact on their academic achievement. Research shows students with an education in the Arts outperform others by virtually every measure". (- MI Dept.of Education)

"Students with an arts-rich education:
·Have better grade point averages
·Score better on standardized tests in reading and math
·Have lower dropout rates.
The arts teach children the skills necessary to succeed in life, including learning to solve problems and make decisions; learning to think creatively; building self-esteem and self-discipline; articulating a vision; developing the ability to imagine what might be; and accepting responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish". - NAEA Arts Education Statement. Read more here: (Americans For the Arts)