6-12 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

The Grand Haven Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program assures that all students will acquire and demonstrate competencies in the areas of self and others, and educational/ career planning, exploration and development. The program is designed to address the needs of all district students. The outcomes of the Grand Haven Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program are that students will learn to live, learn to learn, and learn to work over a lifetime.


Middle Level Counseling

Middle level counselors believe...

Students in the middle level are in a significant period of transition. Young adolescence is an important transition period, which is a normal part of the developmental process of growing up. Young adolescents change more in every aspect of life than in any developmental period except infancy. Young adolescents benefit most from a team effort involving teachers, parents, students and administrators. Young adolescents need a healthy self-concept and motivation to learn in order to be successful during this critical transition period.

Counselors help our children find success in school by:

  • Aiding students to learn to understand more about themselves during this transition period.
  • Helping develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, and community.
  • Counseling with students individually and in groups to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.
  • Supporting students in developing an individual plan for academic success.
  • Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, and respecting others.
  • Assisting students to become invested in their school success by showing them how school performance relates to career opportunities.
  • Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement.

Counselors help our children prepare for the future by:

  • Providing models for making choices and dealing with change.
  • Assisting students to develop personal awareness and explore career goals.
  • Providing opportunities for students to create educational plans and set educational goals.
  • Encouraging them to develop positive attitudes toward life long learning and the world of work.
  • Counseling students regarding career planning and preparation.
    Providing opportunities to experience career exploration activities.
  • Helping develop communication and interpersonal skills needed to relate well to others.
  • Providing a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling program that impacts all students.

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High School Counseling

Counseling Services

As counselors, our aim is to provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling program for students in grades 9-12. The counselors provide services to address the needs of the students, consults with teachers, staff, community resources and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students and provides support to other high school educational programs. For information regarding specific counseling services provided by Grand Haven High School, please visit


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