The rate of pay for substitute teachers is established by the Board of Education.  The rate is $80.00 per day.  Pay for partial days is pro-rated based on the number of classes or time spent.

Long Term Substitutes

After 20 consecutive days in the same assignment, you become a “long term” substitute.  Your daily rate will be adjusted (based on your placement on the teachers salary schedule) for the remainder of your time in that assignment.  You also begin to earn sick leave days and on the first day of the next month you are eligible for the same fringe benefits that are available to regular contracted teachers.


According to Act No. 72, Public Acts of 1986, a teacher employed as a substitute teacher for 150 days or more during a legal school year of not less than 180 days shall be given during the balance of the school year or during the next succeeding legal school year only, the first opportunity to accept or reject a contract for which the substitute teacher is certified, after all other teachers of the school district are re-employed in conformance with the terms of a master contract of an authorized bargaining unit and the employer.  Because of possible record keeping errors, the Grand Haven Area Public Schools limits substitutes to 140 days per school year.

As used in this section, “day” means the working day of the regular, full-time teacher for whom the substitute teacher substitutes.  A quarter-day, half-day or other fractional day of substitute service shall be counted as that fraction.  However, a fraction of a day that is acknowledged by the school district and paid as a full day shall be counted as a full day for purposes of this section.


Substitutes are evaluated in two areas:  Availability and Performance.

Periodically administrators are asked for a rating of the performance of substitute teachers.  In addition, unusually good or unacceptable performances are reported to the Human Services Office on individual occasions.

A substitute teachers performance can also be assessed based on casual observation by the building administrator, observations of teachers in surrounding or adjacent rooms or based on reports of the teacher for whom one substitutes – who can assess performance of the substitute by speaking with the students and fellow teachers, from the extent to which the lesson plans were followed.

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