Math Support Videos

Math instruction has changed dramatically in the last few years.  New terms and new methods may leave parents confused on how to help their child with their math homework.  Listed below are links to short videos that will give parents the information they need to help their child with their homework.


Video DocumentTeen Number Drawing
Video DocumentHiding 10 in the Teens
Video DocumentWiggle Fingers
Video DocumentBreak Apart Sticks
Video DocumentFinger Flashes 

1st Grade

Video DocumentMath Mountains
Video DocumentSwitch Partners
Video DocumentComparison Bars 

2nd Grade

Video DocumentNew Groups Below
Video DocumentExpanded Method 2 Digit
Video DocumentShow All Method
Video DocumentWord Problem
Video DocumentSubtraction Ungroup 

3rd Grade

Video DocumentMultiplication/Division Word Problems
Video DocumentMultiplication Using Arrays and Fast Arrays
Video DocumentDistributive Property Using an Area Model
Video DocumentElapsed Time 

4th Grade

Video DocumentArea Model
Video DocumentExpanded Notation
Video DocumentPlace Value
Video DocumentExpanded Notation Division
Video DocumentShort Cut Method Multiplication