GHAPS Communication Protocol

How to Effectively Communicate With School Officials

Parents are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with central office administrators and school board members and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the “chain of command,” or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their problem or concern.

Many parent and community questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command. The easiest way to communicate is via email and a phone call is the next preferable way. 

This process should also be used if you are contacted by any GHAPS staff or community member.

  1. On Matters Involving Instruction/Curriculum
    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Principal
    3. Curriculum Director
    4. Superintendent
    5. Board of Education
  2. On Matters Involving Athletics
    1. Coach
    2. Athletic Director
    3. Principal
    4. Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent
    5. Board of Education
  3. On Matters Involving Student Discipline
    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Assistant Principal
    3. Principal
    4. Assistant Superintendent
    5. Superintendent/Board of Education (formal hearing)
  4. On Matters Involving Facilities/Grounds/Buildings
    1. Principal
    2. Director of Operations
    3. Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent
    4. Board of Education
  5. On Matters Involving Transportation
    1. Bus Driver
    2. Transportation Director
    3. Assistant Superintendent
    4. Board of Education