Proposal 2

At Grand Haven Area Public Schools, we believe in Success For All. So we’re asking voters to consider two bond proposals on the November 7 ballot. Proposal 2 would include a multipurpose facility, support for the performing arts, and additional important upgrades.


Multi-Purpose Facility
Additional Renovations and Upgrades
Performing Arts Facility Upgrades
Musical Instruments
Transportation Pole Barn Renovations

Ballot Proposal Language

Shall Grand Haven Area Public Schools, Ottawa and Muskegon Counties, Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed Twenty-Eight Million Six Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($28,660,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds therefor, in one or more series, for the purpose of:

erecting, remodeling, and equipping and re-equipping school buildings, additions to school buildings, and facilities; furnishing and refurnishing school buildings and facilities; and acquiring, installing, and equipping and re-equipping school buildings for instructional technology; and preparing, developing, improving and equipping structures, athletic fields, play fields, playgrounds and sites?

The following is for informational purposes only:

The estimated millage that will be levied for the proposed bonds in 2024 is 1.76 mills ($1.76 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) for a 0.71 mill net increase over the prior year's levy. The maximum number of years the bonds of any series may be outstanding, exclusive of any refunding, is twenty (20) years. The estimated simple average annual millage anticipated to be required to retire this bond debt is 0.55 mill ($0.55 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation).

(Pursuant to State law, expenditure of bond proceeds must be audited and the proceeds cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs, teacher, administrator or employee salaries, or other operating expenses.)


Multi-Purpose Facility

Multi-Purpose Facility

If approved, Proposal 2 would fund the construction of a new multi-purpose facility at Grand Haven High School. This facility would provide an indoor space where athletic teams and the marching band could practice during inclement weather or the off-season, as well as a venue for community use. These types of facilities are becoming increasingly popular in our region and beyond because they provide flexible solutions to challenges like limited indoor practice space.


Performance Arts

Performing Arts

Proposal 2 would provide support for the performing arts with upgrades to the auditoriums at GHHS and White Pines. These spaces were constructed or renovated with funds from the 2014 bond proposal. Since then, the music and drama departments have identified a variety of upgrades as they continue their current level of instruction, grow and evolve their instruction, and meet the needs of 21st century learners. These upgrades include a concert performance shell in the high school auditorium, which is considered standard auditorium equipment. Other upgrades include lighting and sound upgrades, music stands, chairs, conductor podiums and more. Many of the stands and much of the furniture in the performing arts facilities are between 35 and 50 years old, while the lighting and sound systems are also becoming outdated.


Musical instruments

Proposal 2 would also allow our music programs to replace aging district-provided instruments like certain wind instruments, basses, cellos, percussion, pianos and more. The average age of the wind instrument inventory at the intermediate, middle and high schools is between 25 and 40 years old. The piano at the GHHS performing arts center was purchased by the Choir Boosters with the help of community fundraising in the late 1990s, putting it at almost 25 years old. Classroom and stage pianos at the intermediate and middle school are nearing 40-50 years old. The average age of the orchestra’s string inventory is 20-25 years. Many classroom instruments, used for music instruction in elementary schools, are from the 1970s and have required numerous repairs.



Renovations and Upgrades

Renovations and Upgrades

Proposal 2 would also include additional new tennis courts and carpeting for GHHS. All elementary schools and Central High School would receive playground updates, and all elementary schools, White Pines and Central would receive new classroom cabinetry.

In addition, Proposal 2 would fund renovations to the district’s transportation pole building, where our fleet of buses is maintained and stored.



Proposal 2 Financials

Proposal 2 Financial Breakdown
  • Multipurpose Facility: $14,633,568
  • Grand Haven High School: $2,718,621
  • Central High School: $921,567
  • Ferry/Voyager Elementary: $921,567
  • Griffin Elementary: $921,567
  • Lake Hills Elementary: $921,567
  • Mary A. White Elementary: $921,567
  • Peach Plain Elementary: $921,567
  • Robinson Elementary: $921,567
  • Rosy Mound Elementary: $921,567
  • Performing Arts Facilities: $900,000
  • Musical Instruments: $1,800,000
  • Transportation: $1,066,174
  • Bond Issuance Costs: $169,103
  • Bond Proposal Total: $28,660,000

The Fund Allocation Detail for Proposal 2 is available PDF Documenthere.

Note: The Fund Allocation Detail does not include bond issuance costs. 


Proposal 2 Estimated Bond Millage Rates

(Assumes Taxable Value Growth of 2.50%)

Debt millage rate for Proposal 2



Proposal 2 Estimated Tax Bill Increase

by Market Value

Estimated tax bill increase for proposal 2
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