Open Door Child Care

Open Door is Grand Haven Area Public School's licensed child care program designed to meet the needs of children. Open Door's mission is to impact and improve the quality of life for all children. We wish to create and build a safe and healthy environment for children to enjoy, as well as creating a general feeling of well-being for parents. We pride ourselves in our commitment to nurturing, caring and educating children of all ages. Our team believes that all children deserve a positive environment that is staffed by professionals who are deeply committed to the children’s well-being and happiness.

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COVID-19 Update

We are currently offering in-person assistance at our office. We do ask that everyone wear a mask who enters our building.  We are answering questions and accepting registrations through email (, the drop box outside our office at 106 S. Sixth Street (the sign above the door says Child Services) and through phone (616-850-6825).

Though there may be changes to the way the program looks, we are aiming to keep the program as closely run to previous years as possible, with an even stronger emphasis on students (and teachers) health and safety!  We will be following the District, CDC and Michigan Licensing regulations to keep the children safe. Please see the PDF below for more detailed information.

PDF DocumentCovid 19 Preparedness & Response Plan




Online Schedules:

Google FormsWeekly Schedules 2022/23

*You must have a credit card on file to utilized the Online Schedule function.  If you pay with cash or check or DHS, you will need to use the Printable Schedule located below.

*All Permanent schedules must be written on a printable schedule (see below) and given to staff or scanned and emailed to Permanent schedules can not be submitted online.  

You will be charged for days and times scheduled, even if your child does not attend.

Printable Schedule:

You will be charged for days and times scheduled, even if your child does not attend.

PDF DocumentWeekly Schedules 2022/23






Registrations can now be filled out on your computer and do not need to be printed.  To fill out the document electronically, please do the following steps:

1.) Click on the PDF Registration below.

2.) Save the document/pdf to your computer.  (This step is vital!)

3.) Open the PDF that you saved on your computer.  (Do not start filling out the pdf you directly opened from this website.  You will need to fill out the PDF that you saved to your computer or your entered information will not be saved.)

4.) Once filled out, save the document again.

5.) Email the document(s) to 



PDF DocumentOpen Door Registration 22/23

PDF DocumentSummer Open Door Registration 2022

PDF DocumentChild Information/Emergency Card  Every child must have their own Child Information/Emergency card filled out.  Multiple children can not be on one form. This form is to be filled out only if you are enrolling multiple children into the program.

PDF DocumentHealth Appraisal This form and the Immunization Records are only needed if your child is Preschool Aged.





Billing Policies:

Cash or check payments are due no later than 6:00pm on Wednesday of the week prior to care.  Credit Card payments will be automatically run the week following care.   We accept Visa and Mastercard.  


The registration fee for Open Door is $50 per family. 


Preschool Aged Children Rates:

Hourly (6.5 or less hours per day)                                    $6/hour*

Full Day (7 or more hours, less than 5 days/week)      $40/day *

Full Time (7 or more hours, 5 days per week)               $178/week*

*Additional children will receive a 10% discount.  The child who attends the most will be charged the full rate.


Young 5 – 6th Grade Rates:                                          

Before School Care (anytime from 6:30am-8:30am)                  $12*                             

After School Care (anytime from 3:45pm-6:00pm)                     $12*                             

Delayed Start (anytime from 6:30am-10:30am)                           $22*                             

Half Days (anytime from 11:45am-6:00pm)                                   $28*     

Snow Days/Full Day (anytime from 6:30am-6:00pm)                $40*     

*Additional children will receive a 10% discount.  The child who attends the most will be charged the full rate.


Scheduling Policies:

Schedules are due no later than 6:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled week.  (In certain circumstances, schedules may be due earlier due to the office being closed or holidays.  If this is the case, emails will be sent and/or signs posted notifying you of the earlier due date.) Your account will be assessed a $10.00 late fee per child for schedules received after the posted due date. Late schedules will only be accepted if openings are available. Drop in care is NOT available. We reserve the right to refuse care if a schedule is not submitted ahead of time or we are out of ratio due to licensing regulation.  Schedules can not be taken over the phone.  Emailed schedules must contain a completed and signed copy of the School Year Open Door schedule form.

Permanent schedules may be used if your child has the same schedule every week.  However, you must hand in a new schedule if your permanent schedule is changing for a week.  Your permanent schedule will automatically start back up after that week. Permanent schedules DO NOT apply to scheduled Delayed Starts, Half Days, scheduled days off or Winter/Spring Break. A separate schedule must be submitted to receive care on these days. Permanent schedules do not extend beyond the current school year or summer.



/downloads/child_services/school_year_open_door_schedule_202122.pdfDuring the school year, Open Door is also available on snow days, vacations days (winter and spring break), and ½ days (conferences, professional development, etc.) During these longer periods of Open Door, special activities are usually scheduled.  We have enjoyed bowling, roller-skating, hikes, and tours of local attractions, as well as activities on site to keep your child busy. We make every effort to keep your children occupied in an enjoyable and constructive way. Please bring a sack lunch, as hot lunch is not served on these days.

To see a calendar of Open Door availability, please click on the following PDF.

PDF DocumentOpen Door Calendar

Delayed Start & Half Days

A weekly schedule must be submitted indicating that you will need care for those specific scheduled Delayed Starts and Half Days. Schedules are due no later than 6:00 pm on Wednesday the week prior to the Delayed Start or Half Day (unless stated they are due earlier). Due to the high volume of registered students we often fill to capacity for Delayed Starts and Half Days. Late schedules will only be accepted if openings are available. 

There is not care available for White Pines students for Half Days after school.


Snow Day & Unscheduled 2 Hour Delays

When school is cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, Open Door offers child care for all registered students. You do not need to call ahead to schedule care.

On Snow Days child care will be provided at our Central High School location only. If local government buildings begin to close due to excessively hazardous travel conditions, Open Door at Central will close as well. Open Door availability will be listed with the school closings on Nixle, local TV and radio stations.

During unscheduled weather related 2 Hour Delays, child care will be provided at your regular Open Door site.  In the event of an unscheduled cancellation of school or 2 Hour Delay, your regularly scheduled hours will be credited unless care is used.


Winter Break & Spring Break

There is no registration fee for Winter or Spring Break childcare as long as you are registered for School Year Open Door.  Alternate schedules are required for Winter and Spring Break care. Registration forms will be made available several weeks before the scheduled break and are due earlier than normal. The due date will be clearly marked on the schedule/registration form.

Full Days                     $40*  

Full Time (7 or more hours, 5 days per week) $178*   

*Additional children will receive a 10% discount.  The child who attends the most will be charged the full rate.





2022 Summer Open Door will be held in Griffin Elementary this year due to maintenance on Central's roof.


PDF DocumentSummer Open Door Registration 2022

Summer Open Door is a child care program open to children who are 3 years old through 12 years of age. Children will explore, under the guidance of well-trained staff, many forms of educational activities, art and sports, in a fun-filled atmosphere.  We work with the children daily to help them prepare and flow into a school routine. Children of this young age need structure and encouragement. We provide this continuity along with meeting each child’s needs on an individual basis. 

The registration fee for Open Door is $50 per family. 


Rates below are ONLY for students attending GHAPS Summer School while it’s in session. 

When Summer School ends, children will be charged the Daily Rate or Full Time Rate.

Before School Rate         $12*

After School Rate             $26*

Full Time Rate                   $170*

*Second child will receive 20% discount, third (or more) child will receive 30% discount. The child who attends the most will be charged the full rate.


Rates for children NOT attending GHAPS Summer School

Daily Rate                            $38*

Full Time Rate                   $170*

*Second child will receive 20% discount, third (or more) child will receive 30% discount. The child who attends the most will be charged the full rate.