Special Education Services

Cognitive Impairment Programs

Ours is a self-contained CI (cognitive impaired) program emphasizing functional living skills and employability skills.  Two elementary programs (Y5-2) and (3-5), two middle school programs and one high school program are offered.

SXI Programs

Our county based SXI programs focus on all four core academic areas: Math, English, Social Studies and Science as well as daily living, social, behavioral, and job skills.  Students will be working toward independence while learning functional skills that transfer to everyday life.  Students will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of their High School experience.  GHAPS offers one program at the middle school level and one program at the high school level.

ECSE Programs

Our Early Childhood Special Education Program is a preschool program for 3-6 year old students who qualify for special education and have a current IEP.  The program is five half-days per week and uses a literacy-based preschool curriculum that meets state standards for Early Childhood.  The curriculum has a strong emphasis on language development and includes intensive group and individual therapies for students who qualify for speech and language therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Autism Programs

Our county based Autism programs for students who either quality for special education services with ASD or students who demonstrate ASD characteristics in grades K-3 or 3-6.  Students are included in general education as much as possible.  Staff works in large group or small group settings to support students' behavioral, emotional, social and academic needs.  Our goal is to provide a culture of caring, understanding along with acceptance through out the school environment.  Our intention is to offer a positive learning environment based upon best practices in the areas of academic instruction, social skills, communication, and behavior.

Emotionally Impaired Programs

The goal of the program for students with emotional impairments is to help each student learn positive behaviors and skills necessary to be successful in the general education setting.  Students, staff, and parents work collaboratively to help identify and teach social emotional and academic skills.  An elementary program K-5, a middle school program 6-8 and a high school program are offered throughout the district.