Technology Services

Who We Are

The Technology Department at Grand Haven Area Public Schools is dedicated to providing accessible and dependable technology to enhance education for all.  We believe that, through technology, students can become more engaged in their classrooms.

Our department supports approximately 10,054 mobile and hardwired devices used by 6,700 students and staff in 12 locations across a 100 square mile district.  All of our buildings are connected by a 1GB fiber backbone. 

The Technology Department also supports the technology needs for Loutit District Library and the City of Grand Haven.  This partnership includes tech support at all city facilities including City Hall, Public Safety, Planning and Assessing, Water and Sewer Treatment, Community Center, Public Works, Harbor Transit, City Marina, and the City Cemetery. 

What we are About

Technology is a mission critical part of our school improvement process and our one page strategic plans. All buildings create building improvement goals and have a one page strategic plan to align their goals to the board of education goals. Technology integration is a goal intertwined with curriculum design and supported with professional development opportunities all year long. 

  • Integration will be a student centered approach 
  • Direct student engagement = higher order of learning 
  • Technologies will provide added value to learning 
  • Technologies will be embedded in lessons, not an add-on 
  • Benchmarks spiral throughout the grade levels to allow for introduction, reinforcement, and mastery 
  • Access/equity issues are issues that need to be considered 
  • Students use technologies as a tool (void of content) 
  • Students use technologies for content (skills software) 
  • Standards for all students K-8 
  • Standards for 9-12 to be determined by specific curriculum areas 
  • Students use technologies for real world applications (communication of ideas) 
  • Revise vision as technologies mature 

Services & Specialties

The Technology Department at Grand Haven Area Public Schools is a full service technology department, offering both technology support and technology integration support for the classroom.  Very little is outsourced in our department.  We believe in hosting most of what we can in-house to utilize our gigabit speed between our buildings.   Our staff is cross trained in all areas to minimize downtime and disruption in service.


Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Education Service Center

1415 Beechtree Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.850.5000
Fax: 616.850.5010
Cecil Hammond
Matthew Leigh
Assistant Director
Ingrid Hines
Applications/Integration Coordinator
Heather Klingensmith
Help Desk Coordinator
Alex Corder
Technology Specialist
Mandy Miller
Technology Specialist
Brandon Newell
Technology Specialist
Lowell Kirksey
Operations Technology Specialist
Carly Grimes
Chromebook Help Desk
Amanda Zimmermann
Chromebook Help Desk

Grand Haven High School

17001 Ferris Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.850.6000
Fax: 616.850.6010
Amanda Zimmermann
Chromebook Help Desk

Lakeshore Middle School

900 S. Cutler
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.850.6500
Fax: 616.850.6510
Carly Grimes
Chromebook Help Desk

White Pines Intermediate

1400 S. Griffin Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.850.6300
Fax: 616.850.6310
Carly Grimes
Chromebook Help Desk