Excellence in Service Awards Program


The Excellence in Service (EIS) Awards program began in the 1982-83 school year to recognize and encourage superior performance, and to cultivate a continued expectation of excellence, in Grand Haven Area Public Schools. Each year, the process starts with nominations from many sources, and then a review of nominations by the Excellence in Service Awards screening committee takes place. This committee is composed of two teachers, a parent, a non-instructional employee, an administrator, a student from the senior class, and a school board member. The teachers, parent, non-instructional employee and administrator are appointed to three-year terms. The student and board member serve one-year terms.


The EIS committee spends several hours pouring over the nominations to select the winners. The committee reads all nominations and comes to consensus using a rating scale on winners from the two main categories, which are teaching / itinerant and non-teaching. The award winners are kept confidential until the awards ceremony in May.

Recipients receive engraved plaque and monetary award

Each EIS award winner receives an engraved plaque, as well as monetary awards presented to them at a dinner in their honor. These monetary awards come from a variety of donors within the community—individuals, organizations and area businesses. 

This year's Excellence in Service Award ceremony will take place on:

Excellence In Service Award Recipients

Year Excellence in Service Award Recipients
2020: Postponed due to school closing
2019: Cynthia Baker, Stephanie Egerer, Melissa Nienhouse, Annemarie Ratke, Katy Walters
2018: Robert Coyne, Angeline Dean, Laurie Houghton, Susan Leary, Brian Williams
2017: Bob Eidson, Cathy Hegedus, Patti Konarska, Brenda Wunder
2016: Cindy Cook, Lisa Danicek, Jennifer Kenny, Mark Salik, Patti Vredeveld
2015: Judy Erickson, Linda Lukasik, Kathleen Streng, Tracy Wilson
2014: Kathy Bye, Keith Konarska, Gail Krug, Nicole Tiefenbach, Brenda Veeneman
2013: Martha Alexander, Joni Bennett, Jane Marciniak, Keely VanDort, Derek Warner
2012: Barb Sepura, Mary Chittenden, Jeff Boeve, Sue Hamstra, Scott Stanley
2011: Amy Cahalan, Sandy Jonas, Tim Simpson, Kate Augustyn, Dan Westrate
2010: Bob Whipkey, Bonnie Klont, Mike Reed, Jean Reynolds-Provencal, Brian Wheeler
2009: Steffanie Portenga, Harry Weller, Rosemary Reed, Susie Conover, Marcia Klemp
2008: Char Krass, Nancy TenHagen, Jack Provencal, Kathy Lampen, Carol Holtzclaw
2007: Kim Boersema, Connie VanSchelven, Sherry Stone, Don Verwey, Susan Frankum
2006: Peggy Lyttle, Sharon Yonker, Julia Houle, Susan Schecter, Dave Rodgers, Luanne Nienhouse
2005: Aaron Klanderman, Rita McLary, Rodney Schmidt, Cherie Reiss, Ray Clover
2004: Joy Eilers, Steve Groters, Thomas Puleo Jr., Karen Ralya, Carol Scanlan
2003: Dottie Bishop, Gina Gancarz, Maryann Crawford, Jim Query, Sibyl Smith
2002: Mike Walma, Rose Beach, Roger White, Michele Werner
2001: Guadalupe Cortez, Dan Scanlan, Nancy Fiore, Rhonda Bird
2000: Charlene Farmer, James Bonner, Dale Brinks, Nancy Lowe
1999: Sue Mueller, Sandy Mercurio, Gail Colvin, Larry Bates, Jean McCabe
1998: Jan Gorbach, Shirley Poulton, Elizabeth Meek, Evelyn Horness
1997: Anita Pellegrom, Mary Jane Evink, Debrah Spetoskey, David Ross
1996: Tana Deters, Henni Campbell, Robin Leppanen, Craig Flahive, Roberta Cramer
1995: Susan Larson, Carroll Bennink, Marlene Wilder, Cheryl Fricke, Dale Korbecki
1994: David Nagel, Kaye Nedderman, Carole Hawkins, Melinda Brink
1993: Kirby Chittenden, Carol Wilhelm, Barb Piers, Betty Nagy
1992: Jane Darwin, Ron Anderson, Gloria Klinger, Shirley Johnson
1991: Mary Jane McBeath, Sandy Huber, Morgan Lachney, Karen Jungslager, Barbara Rollins
1990: Susan Blakey, Herm Tanis, Bob Swart, Chuck Millard, Shirley Lemon
1989: Lois Zartman, Edith Persing, Don Anderson, Ruth Smeenge
1988: Ken Formsma, Ben Krill, Elsie Bryant, Leon Richardson
1987: Jan Ledinsky, David Fritz, Cindy Anderson, Ken Larson, Bonnie Krueger
1986: Vern Zuverink, Dee Millard, Jan Timmer, Richard Becker
1985: Bob Wolf, Sharon Boomgaard, Dorothy Klintworth, Jim VanDam
1984: Lois Morrison, Gene Rothi, Lane Smith, Roberta Sorensen
1983: James Kremer, Herm Nuismer, Jr., Rog Smant, Paul Trap