Letter From the Superintendent

Welcome, Buccaneers.


It is my honor to be writing this as the Superintendent of the Grand Haven Area Public Schools!  As a long-time staff member of this incredible district, I’m proud of our long-standing tradition of excellence in all areas of our comprehensive program.  While we have seen incredible challenges during the past few school years, our foundation is strong and we will continue to provide outstanding opportunities for our students.  

Our purpose is to provide an unsurpassed educational experience to ensure Success for All students through our intentional actions of creating a safe and caring learning environment, delivering outstanding instructional programming, and guaranteeing best practice through the use of data and aligning research-based professional development to address areas for improvement.  

Our current strategic focus areas will continue to drive our goal of intentional, continuous improvement through three primary areas:

Student Growth/Success--Ensuring that all students learn at high levels by working collaboratively, establishing a viable curriculum, and reviewing data on student progress.

Social/Emotional Wellness--We will continue to provide a proactive approach so that all GHAPS students are able to develop socially, emotionally, and academically.

Operations--Our physical environment is important to make sure our students and staff have facilities that operate safely, efficiently and provide all with outstanding 21st-century learning environments.  

I am extremely excited to continue my service to this incredible school district and want to thank so many staff, community members, and parents for your support and affirmations.  Working together we will continue adding to our Tradition of Excellence!

Go Bucs!

Scott C. Grimes

Scott Grimes
Superintendent, Grand Haven Area Public Schools


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