Voyagers - A History of Unique Vision

In 1973, a group of educators and parents were looking for a choice in education for their children outside of the traditional single graded classroom curriculum. At the time, there existed a small private school in the basement of a local church with 16 students in grades K-8 known as the Independent School. As the philosophical strengths of this program became known, the superintendent and many parents in the Grand Haven Area Public School wanted the same unique approach to education for their children without the tuition. The "Open Classroom" became part of our public schools.

Since then, the school has undergone countless changes-while holding on to the basic principles of the Progressive Education movement, the "Open Classroom" model and the desire to provide high quality educational opportunities.

The name was changed to "Voyagers: A Community of Learners in 1996, as staff wished to promote the program's explorative, progressive, family-friendly and future-oriented ideals. In 2007, while researching various educational methods, teachers and parents of the Voyager School found a connection of the educational philosophy supported within the Voyager School and the world renowned educational philosophy inspired by schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Today, with the cooperative support of GHAPS administration, board of education, and parents and teachers, and with the professional guidance of Aquinas College Professor: Dr. Nkechy Ezeh, EdD, The Voyager School, a Reggio Inspired Community of Learners continues the journey of an educational philosophy which values the role of children, teachers, parents, and environment in education.

About The Reggio Approach

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