Preschool Swim Lessons

Preschool Lessons  3 – 5 years old

There are 3 levels of swimming with in the Preschool lessons.  Each level has specific skill requirements that children are required to reach before moving on to the next swim level.  Progress reports are provided at the last lesson of each session.  Preschool classes will be divided into skill levels or smaller classes will be taught according to your child’s skills.

Preschool Level 1

Children must be at least 3 years of age, a good listener and ready for a group lesson.  Skills that will be taught: entering and exiting the water, front/back floats and glides, blowing bubbles, kicking and paddling of arms, going underwater and retrieving an object in shallow water.  Child moves on when all requirements are met.

Preschool Level 2 (Prerequisite Level 1 skill tests)

Children continue to work on all basic swim skills, floating and gliding longer distances, retrieving objects in chest deep water, finning on back, combining arms and legs with face in water and independent paddle stroke.

Preschool Level 3 (Prerequisite Level 2 skill tests)

Basic skills are continued with greater independence.  Bobbing 10 times, blowing bubbles with face in water, rotary breathing is introduce, treading water in shoulder deep water.  Introduction to the deep water (competitive pool).  Once level 3 is completed or child is 6 years of age, instructors will place child in the appropriate school age swim level.


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