The success of every student is Grand Haven Area Public Schools' number one priority. In addition to an outstanding core curriculum including math, reading, science and social studies, there are a variety of exemplary academic opportunities available to students. Art, foreign language, and music provide for a well-rounded education, and technology is interwoven throughout classroom learning.

As a result of this rigorous academic experience, our students consistently score above county and state averages, and students successfully carry their knowledge from the classroom and apply it through a variety of activities.

In addition, our students understand the importance of excellence and learn to work as team members who apply creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems. Grand Haven students become self-directed learners and understand responsibility to their community and their world. Each student has different interests, distinctive talents, and a promising future, and district staff work in partnership parents to provide the skills to build a successful future.

For Grade Level Advancement

September of School Year (first marking period)

  • Freshman - Less than 4.0 credits
  • Sophomore - 4.0 credits
  • Junior - 10.0 credits
  • Senior - 16.0 credits

Required Credits and Courses

English - 4.0 credits required

  • English Language Arts 9 - 1.0 credits
  • English Language Arts 10 - 1.0 credits
  • English Language Arts 11 - 1.0 credits
  • English Language Arts 12 - 1.0 credits

Mathematics - 4.0 credits required

  • Algebra I - 1.0 credits
  • Geometry - 1.0 credits
  • Algebra II - 1.0 credits
  • One additional math or math-related course in final year of high school - 1.0 credits

Science - 3.0 credits required

  • Biology - 1.0 credits
  • Physics or Chemistry - 1.0 credits
  • One additional science credit - 1.0 credits

Social Studies - 3.0 credits required

  • Civics - 0.5 credits
  • Economics - 0.5 credits
  • U.S. History and Geography - 1.0 credits
  • World History and Geography - 1.0 credits

Physical Educaiton/Health

  •  1.0 credits required

Visual, Performing and Applied Arts

  • 1.0 credits required

Online Learning Experience

  • 0.5 credits required
  • Course, Learning Experience or Integrated Learning Experience

Computer Education

  • 1.0 credits required

Language other than English

  • 2.0 credits required


  • 9.5 credits required

Career Development


Program Information

The Career Development Program is a one-year program designed to provide students with the education they need to become successful and productive adults.  The outcome of the program once student course work is completed is the completion of GED testing (General Education Diploma).

Students enrolled in the Career Development program will need to complete the required courses to be eligible to begin GED test administration.

Students enrolled in the Career Development program will need to meet all of the requirements Students enrolled in the Career Development program are not eligible to take GED test administration during the MME (Michigan Merit Exam) window.

Upon successful completion of required courses, enrolled students will earn high school credit in related areas.

Student Contract – Students who wish to enroll in the Career Development program must sign the “Student Contract” prior to enrollment.

Students must have reached a minimum age of majority (18) to enroll in the Career Development program.

Students enrolled in the Career Development program will receive a district provided technology device to be used to complete their studies and communicate with their mentor.  Students will return this device upon completion of the program.

Students enrolled in the Career Development program will utilize the Career Cruising website ( prior to enrollment and complete their Educational Development Plan (EDP).  Students will discuss their EDP with staff of the Career Development program with the purpose of creating an individualized program of study for the student.  More details and specifics will be available about the EDP portion of the Career Development program during the 2018-19 school year.


Process for Enrollment:

A student interested in enrolling in the Career Development program will be required to meet with The Central High School Principal and/or the Career Development Instructor.

All program requirements will be outlined to the student/parent during this meeting.  

If a student would like to enroll, they will need to sign the Career Development Student Contract for completion of the enrollment process.

Required Courses

First Semester








Second Semester









2019-2020 Career Development Student Contract


Enrollment in the Career Development Program is conditional. All students enrolled in this program are eligible for enrollment upon their eighteenth birthday and required to agree to this contract as a condition of enrollment.  Failure to comply with this agreement may result in you being dropped from the program.


I, ____________________________, do hereby agree to accept the terms and consequences set forth in this contract.  The terms are as follows:


I agree to positively participate in program activities and follow the rules set forth by program staff.

I agree to participate in the online curricula and all other activities/assignments as required.

I agree to be actively learning every week; course progress, days/hours logged, and I further understand grades will be used to evaluate student learning.

I agree to communicate weekly with my mentor, Mr. John Williams (school email account, phone, text, or face-to-face).  I also understand, failure to communicate WILL result in being dropped from the program.

I agree I will only use my school issued email account when enrolling with PearsonVUE. 

I agree that all work done online, will be completed by myself and no one else.

I agree to abide by all other program, campus, and lab rules.  Violations of these rules may result in removal from the program.

I agree to participate, and understand I will be required to attend, any/all testing required by the state of Michigan – on dates set by the State of Michigan.  This includes, but not limited to the annual administration of the SAT, ACT WorkKeys, and M-STEP test given on April 8, 9, and 10, 2019. Failure to complete this requirement will result in immediate removal from the Career Development program.

I agree to provide the Career Development program and GED with a telephone number and email address where I may be contacted (home, relative, neighbor, friend).  If the number changes, I agree to notify school staff immediately. If I become inaccessible by telephone and email, I will be dropped from the program.

As a participant of the schools of choice program, I agree that placement in Career Development program is NOT guaranteed placement in any of the other buildings in the district.  If removed from the program I may or may not be placed in the regular on-campus buildings based on space availability and other factors.

I understand that failure to abide by the above conditions may result in my being asked to leave the program.

I acknowledge that I need a computer and Internet access to successfully participate in the program.

I choose to receive a GHAPS-issued device for my participation in the Career Development Program.

I decline receiving a GHAPS-issued device, and have a reliable personal device in which to participate in Career Development Program.



Class of 2020 - Countdown to Graduation


Dear Future Graduate,

Welcome to your final year of high school.  Graduation, while it may seem far away, is soon.  Throughout your senior year, you (not your Parent or school employees) will be responsible in making sure you’re completing what you need to do to graduate.  Here are some important dates and items to keep in mind;

September 3 - Attend MANDATORY Senior Meeting #1 at 10:00 AM at Central High School.  You will not be on the graduation list if you miss this meeting.

September 4 - 13 - You will meet with Mr. Kunde for a graduation audit of your credits to determine what academic classes you need to complete by May 22, 2020.  You will be called out of class for this meeting.

September 4, 2019 thru May 1, 2020 - You will meet with Mr. Tom Langejans, Tri-Cities College Access Coordinator, to discuss your plans following graduation.  It maybe college, military, or directly into the work world, whatever you choose, Mr. Langejans has resources to help you.

February 12, 2020 - Attend MANDATORY Senior Meeting #2 at 10:00 AM.   At this meeting, you will receive information about the graduation ceremony on May 26 you will need in order to participate in the commencement exercise.  

April 14-16, 2020 - If you did not complete the SAT, ACT WorkKeys, and M-STEP testing during the 2018-19 school year, you must complete this testing on these dates.  You WILL NOT receive a high school diploma if you do not complete this State of Michigan testing.

May 22, 2020 - Seniors Last Day of required school attendance.  

You must have all course work completed in all academic classes in order to be eligible to walk in the commencement exercise on May 26, 2020.  

You must attend graduation practice at 8:30 AM on this day.  More information about graduation practice will be available to you in February.

May 26, 2020 - Graduation

Commencement exercise will be at 7:00 PM at the Grand Haven Waterfront Stadium.  You will need to arrive for graduation by 6:30 PM.