White Pines Music

two girls playing violin during orchestra practice
The U.S. Department of Education includes music as subjects that college-bound middle school students should take.  The arts contribute significantly to children's intellectual development.

All students at White Pines participate in band, orchestra, or choir throughout the year.

Fifth Grade

Choral instruction is provided by Maria Schoon giving students an opportunity to learn music through vocal performance.  Luke Kirkopoulos provides instruction to woodwinds, brass, and percussionists.  Melissa Meyers works with students in orchestra to further develop skills in violin, viola, cello, and string bass.

Sixth Grade

Orchestra students meet under the direction of Tatyana Walters. Parks Peyton provides instruction to vocalists in a choral performance setting.  Brass, woodwinds, and percussionists meet under the direction of Luke Kirkopoulos for band.

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