White Pines Visual Arts

Visual art teaches a remarkable array of mental habits not emphasized elsewhere in school.   It is a visual form of communication that connects us to one another and gives our lives a sense of creativity, significance and meaning.  Art is the means by which all cultures record, express and interpret the world.

Art promotes self-awareness, self-expression and well-being.  It allows students to use higher order thinking and develop problem solving skills.  It also makes interdisciplinary connections between visual arts goals/objectives and those of other subject areas.

Fifth and sixth grades students participate in an art class with Martha Alexander throughout the year at White Pines.  The art room is located between the office and 500 wings of the school.

Grades are determined based upon the following product/performance standards:

  • creates artwork that exhibits high quality craftsmanship and inventive problem solving
  • follows objectives and guidelines established for each art assignment
  • uses equipment and materials correctly and responsibly
  • exhibits appropriate behavior for successful learning 

"The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul." ~Wassily Kandinsky

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