May 23, 2022

Grand Haven Schools Foundation Awards $36,000 to Support K-4 Initiatives

 The Grand Haven Schools Foundation (GHSF) has announced $36,000 in grant awards to support Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS) K-4 students. GHSF Executive Director Susan Bays explains, “These one-time awards are in addition to the ongoing support that the foundation provides to the GHAPS Preschool Development Program, including the provision of 700 preschool scholarships since 2005.” 

“We are so excited about what the foundation has accomplished this year,” shares Bays, who noted the grants will help broaden the foundation’s support to include grades K-4. Bays met individually with principals at every school to better understand areas of greatest need.  “These grants go straight to the heart of what Success for All is all about, and address important needs within the district,” shares GHAPS Superintendent Scott Grimes. “We are exceptionally grateful for the foundation’s ongoing support.”

GHSF awarded a total of $13,000 to support ongoing math interventions and address gaps in math proficiency. A new district math coach will attend Math Recovery Training and bring that knowledge back for district-wide implementation, complemented by math manipulatives that put proven, hands-on learning tools in students’ hands.

Educational field trips are memorable and impactful learning experiences. During her school visits, Bays learned that Title I elementary schools Ferry, Griffin and Lake Hills often lacked the financial support to provide them.  “We recognized this was an opportunity to help bridge a significant gap,” she shares. “This grant provides $2,000 to bolster each Title I elementary school’s field trip fund.”

The $7,000 Trauma Informed Grant provides seed money for K-4 classroom teachers to create or enhance their classroom ‘safe spaces.’ These calming, comfortable areas are stocked with tools for students to use when experiencing big emotions or other barriers – allowing the student to emotionally regulate without leaving the classroom, and reengage in learning smoothly when they are ready.

The New Teacher Classroom Library Books Grant provides $500 for each new K-4 teacher in the district to stock their classroom with their favorite library books right from the start. Finally, the Dyslexia Professional Development Grant provides school psychologists and instructional coaches with training aimed at uncovering these learning challenges and providing students with the supports needed to be successful.

The Grand Haven Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports education initiatives that increase school readiness and promote continued educational success throughout the preschool through fourth grade experience. Visit for additional information or to become a donor.

Grand Haven Area Public Schools is a district of distinction for students in preschool through 12th grade. With a goal of providing exceptional educational experiences, GHAPS is committed to success for all students and strives to provide exemplary programs and opportunities to meet their diverse needs.