Our School - Lake Hills Elementary

About Lake Hills Elementary


Our curriculum standards are carefully aligned with the State of Michigan which awarded Lake Hills an overall "A" for our student achievement, performance, and progress. We provide instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies from Young Fives through Fourth grade.


Technology is an integral part of what we accomplish at Lake Hills. Each classroom is equipped with student computers, interractive white boards, document and video projection, and audio enhancement.  Click HERE to view a short documentary about the impact of technology at Lake Hills.

Video DocumentChanging to Learn Video-A brief documentary about the role technology plays in recent changes and school improvement plans at Lake Hills Elementary School and Grand Haven Area Public Schools.


We provide music, spanish and art classes during the school day which provide additional learning experiences for our students.


Physical education classes are provided during the school day. After-school athletic opporunties for boys and girls are available at Lake Hills in cooperative with the External LinkNorth Ottawa Recreation Authorty.


Our students generally come from areas north of the Grand River in Ottawa and Muskegon Counties.  If space is available students from other areas of the school district may attend Lake Hills.  In Michigan, a child outside the school district may also attend our school, provided that there is space and the district agrees to accept the student.    


Our staff creates vital experiences that motivate students to engage in learning. Educators are consultants, problem-solvers, and leaders of learning. The highly qualified staff at Lake Hills is committed to providing an unsurpassed educational experience to ensure success for all students.


For more information about enrolling your child at Lake Hills, contact Administrative Assistant Kim Cooling or Principal Ian Overway at 616-850-5600 and arrange for a campus visit.