Robinson Elementary - Our School

Welcome to Robinson Elementary School

Our History

Robinson Elementary School is located on a 20-acre site at the southern end of the Grand Haven Area Public School District. Originally built in 1958, the school has undergone five additions, and now houses 13 general education classrooms, special education classrooms all with state of the art technology and media center, as well as a full gymnasium.   The school serves students from Young 5s through 4th grade as well as providing Pre-school and a full day, Open Door daycare program.   

Our Staff

Our slogan of Motivated to Achieve, defines our commitment to student success.  Robinson’s dedicated and highly qualified staff, coupled with our supportive parent base work as a team ensure the greatest level of achievement for each of our students.  Each child is considered as an individual and instructional programs are adjusted to meet each child’s needs.  This includes opportunities of intervention as well as enrichment.  As a result, our students routinely score well above state and county averages on state and local assessments. 

Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, and STEM

Learning is not limited to the classroom.  In addition to our comprehensive academic programs, Robinson offers every student learning through Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish and STEM.  Students have access to cutting-edge technology in every classroom.  Document cameras  and interactive boards are in every learning space.  All Robinson students have access to a one-to-one technology device which are used to enrich learning throughout the day

Community Involvement

Robinson Elementary School has a long history of community involvement.  This begins with the families of the more than 230 students who attend.  Working through our outstanding Parent Teacher Organization, Roadrunner's United, or directly with our staff, our families are an integral part of our school community.  Our students pride themselves on their responsibility to give back to our community with food and toy drives, fundraising activities, and community projects. 

We are also proud to be the site of the Suzette L. Becklin Memorial Nature Trail.  This ½ mile long trail is complete with an outdoor classroom and provides another avenue to access learning for our students.

Robinson Elementary School is a family-oriented, comfortable place where students are Safe, Respectful, Responsible and Motivated to achieve!