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Open enrollment is now open for the 2023-24 school year!


Available to homeschool, private school, and GHAPS students

More great things are happening at GHAPS! Students in grades K-6 can now explore a growing selection of online elective classes including art, music, physical education, nature conservation, robotics and Spanish!


Project Based Learning Courses

  • Art, Music, and Physical Education
  • Engaging, project-based online classes supplemented by local community partners
  • Project-based learning framework, guided virtually by GHAPS teachers
  • The result: New experiences and a personal research project using the creative sequence


Additional Courses

  • Nature Conservation, Robotics, and Spanish
  • Nature Conservation: Includes online instruction and weekly field trips with the Outdoor Discovery Center
  • Robotics: Includes kits for hands-on building experiences
  • Spanish: A dynamic synchronous online course for grades 3-6 offered Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am

Whether your child learns best in a more structured environment or something a bit more flexible, there’s a course designed with your child’s success in mind. All online electives are offered at NO COST to families.

For more information, contact: Amber Anthony



Frequently Asked Questions

Online electives are available to homeschool and private school students as well as full-time GHAPS students who choose to opt-out of in-person electives during normal school hours. Michigan students in grades K-6 who are not enrolled full-time in another public school district are eligible.

GHAPS offers two different types of online electives: project-based courses and additional courses.

Current project-based course topics include art, music and physical education, offered by local community partners like Armory 2 Art Studio, Avalon School of the Arts, and Lake Michigan Dance Academy. In addition to in-person classes with these partners, students work virtually with a GHAPS teacher on a one-on-one basis to design a research project that helps them dig deeper into their experience. Similar to other project-based learning experiences at GHAPS, this involves developing a “driving question” and working through the creative sequence: observation, investigation, incubation, solution, and validation.

Additional courses are highly dynamic and experiential but do not include the project-based learning framework. Examples include:

  • A nature conservation class offered by the Outdoor Discovery Center, complete with weekly field trips
  • A robotics class, complete with hands-on building kits
  • A Spanish class offered synchronously for high levels of peer engagement (grades 3-6 only)

These classes are offered at no cost to students. The district covers the cost of instruction, including compensating our amazing community partners and teachers. Families may be responsible for additional costs such as registration/membership fees, costumes/uniforms, music, etc.

Students can take up to two online elective courses per semester. The actual duration of each course will vary depending on the providing partner’s schedule.

GHAPS invested in this program in response to parent demand. At GHAPS, we believe in Success for All. For some families in our district, that means providing them with high-quality, engaging experiences through an online platform. We want to offer experiences that honor the many different educational philosophies in our community, and this is one exciting way to bring new opportunities to everyone!


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