Rosy Mound - Our School

Rosy Mound Elementary School

Our History

Named after the historic dune that sits just to the west of the school, Rosy Mound Elementary has a long history in the Grand Haven Area.  An acre of land, purchased for $10 was the start of Rosy Mound School in 1861.  A part of the current school building was constructed in 1952, with many additions added later. 

Rosy Mound Today

Rosy Mound now sits on 10 acres of land and holds approximately 20 classrooms, serving Young 5’s through Fourth grade, as well as other rooms to serve students with special needs.  In addition, we offer before and after school care through the districts Open Door program.

Academic Achievement

Outstanding academic achievement is a hallmark of Rosy Mound.  Students routinely score at the highest levels on state and local assessments.  This is accomplished through innovative, evolving instruction, dedicated and talented staff, outstanding technology resources and strong parent and community support.  In the last three years all curricular areas have been updated to align with state and national expectations, and implement the most current research based instructional practices.

Commitment to Community

Rosy Mound is also known for its strong commitment, both from and to the larger community.  This begins foremost with our outstanding Parent Teacher Association.  Through this outstanding organization, our school has received support for assemblies, field trips, classroom needs and playground equipment.  Through an innovative Jog-a-Thon fundraising program the PTA recently added several new pieces of playground equipment as well as a youth soccer field.  In addition, they provide numerous activities for our students and the larger community, including an outdoor movie night, Family Fitness Fun night, and a Talent/Variety Show.  Twice during the year, the group develops and implements after school enrichment programs with classes from Knitting to NASA engineering.  Each month this group sponsors a “Rosy Gives Back” event to provide support to the larger community.   Our school is also well supported by the local community.  We are proud partners with the Kids Hope program, which provides mentors to several of our students.  The local business community has also been very generous and supportive of our educational efforts.