Grand Haven CyberSchool Campus Life

Online Learning

Online learning has become an integral part of the education landscape in recent years. From public K-12 schools to institutes of higher learning, utilizing technology to access and deliver educational materials is now commonplace. At Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS), it is no different.

Grand Haven CyberSchool

Grand Haven CyberSchool (GHCS) began in Fall 2012 providing one more option for students to further their education. GHCS is a tuition-free, online program providing students with a flexible schedule of when and where learning takes place. GHCS serves students in grades 7-12.

Successful mastery of skills

GHCS allows students to learn in an online community, building relationships with teachers and other students that share a desire to learn in a dynamic environment. This online community builds a number of workplace relevancy skills for today’s marketplace: critical thinking, independence, problem solving, follow-through, and creativity. Students have the ability to learn in an environment and/or pace that is best suited to their needs, and ultimately lead to successful mastery of skills in demand in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Odysseyware courseware

Currently, GHCS utilizes Odysseyware courseware for course content. Odysseyware is an interactive, media-rich, rigorous software program that provides comprehensive grade level curriculum. Odysseyware courseware includes all four core curriculum areas as well as many “elective” courses in Art, Business, Foreign Languages, and Technology. Advanced Placement courses are also available.

Michigan Merit Curriculum

GHAPS teachers, highly-qualified in Michigan Merit Curriculum, are involved in multiple aspects of students’ online learning: facilitating discussion; monitoring progress; building meaningful connections; implementing curriculum. The staff of GHCS will also look to enhance the relationship building of the online community by providing opportunities for students to participate in service projects and/or field trips as they become available.

Additionally, GHCS students are eligible to participate in a number of opportunities available to all GHAPS students: athletics, band, choir, orchestra, dances, and clubs to name a few.