Grand Haven CyberSchool FAQs

What is Grand Haven CyberSchool?

Grand Haven CyberSchool is a tuition-free, online program, providing students in grades 7-12 with a flexible schedule of when and where learning takes place. Typically, courses are delivered via the Web, so students can work anytime and anywhere they have Internet access.

How did online learning get started?

The state of Michigan recently approved the expansion of cyber school programs, which allows school districts to create their own seat-time waiver (STW) programs. STW programs eliminate the requirement for a set amount of time or location for instruction, subject to certain conditions and rules. These conditions and rules are evolving, so this document will continue to be updated as needed.

What is a seat-time waiver?

Basically, students enroll as a full-time student in Grand Haven CyberSchool and receive thier courses through an online provider.  This allows students the flexibility to complete their coursework at various locations and times.

Why did Grand Haven Area Public Schools develop this program?

Grand Haven Area Public Schools wants to provide educational options for students that are currently not enrolled, or have not been successful, in a traditioinal school setting. In addition, Grand Haven CyberSchool provides an educational choice for families and students, and will provide students opportunities to accelerate. This is a tuition-free program, so parents incur no costs to educate their students at home. Grand Haven CyberSchool students' success is our goal.

What curriculum will be used?

Grand Haven CyberSchool will use Odysseyware as the primary online content. Odysseyware is an interactive, media-rich and rigorous web-based software program that provides grade level curriculum. Every student will have a full schedule of courses, but if they wish to focus on one or two classes at a time, that can be arranged as well. Other content providers may be used to supplement a student's schedule.

What types of courses will be offered?

Courses include core subjects, which meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum framework requirements, as well as a wide variety of electives. Contact us for more information regarding course offerings.

Will students be able to work at their own pace?

Yes, the Odysseyware online curriculum is customizable and adaptable to fit any learning environment and situation. Students are able to complete the work at their own pace, and have the ability to work anytime and anyplace there is Internet access. Occasionally, there may be off-line activities to complete as well.

Are students required to take state tests?

Yes, all Grand Haven CyberSchool students will be required to take state-mandated tests and abide by all policies and guidelines.

Do CyberSchool students earn a diploma or GED certificate?

All CyberSchool students who complete the required courses for credit earn a Grand Haven CyberSchool diploma.

Who can enroll?

Students in grades 7-12 and residing in Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, or Muskegon counties may apply for this program.

What is involed in the enrollment process?

Students and parents must complete the enrollment packet. Students must also complete the online readiness survey. Students and parents will meet with school personnel prior to acceptance in Grand Haven CyberSchool. During this meeting, staff will ensure that the program requirements are clear, and that parent and student questions are answered so that the student will experience success. Students will need to provide a current transcript or record of work completed for proper placement and course selection.

What will Grand Haven CyberSchool provide?

Grand Haven CyberSchool will:

  • Provide an orientation regarding program policies and guidelines, and an introduction to the online content.
  • Develop a schedule of courses.
  • Provide a mentor teacher that will have regular contact with the student.
  • Offer the student a computer and internet access. If there is no way to ensure reliable internet access, other options will be discussed.

When can a student enroll?

Enrollment applications will be accepted for the 2019-2020 school year after March 1, 2019.  Access the enrollment forms.

Who can I contact for more information or specific details concerning my circumstances?

Please contact Kevin Berko, Program Director, at (616) 850-6856, or email at

What about Grand Haven CyberSchool staff?

All courses offer a highly-qualified teacher whom is a content expert to assist the students. In addition, Grand Haven CyberSchool provides a mentor teacher that will also support the student. Both the teacher and mentor will closely monitor student progress.

Are there opportunities to meet with the mentor in person?

Yes, students can meet in person with their mentor, or simply contact them via phone, email, or text.

How often are students and staff required to communicate?

Weekly two-way contact between the mentor and students is a requirement for continued enrollment in Grand Haven CyberSchool.

Can Grand Haven CyberSchool students participate in extra-curricular activities?

Yes, all full-time CyberSchool students are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities offered by Grand Haven Area Public Schools including athletics, clubs and performing arts according to policies associated with the activity.

What types of extra-curricular activities are available?

There are a wide range of activites available: band, choir, orchestra, clubs, sports, even Science Olympiad. Check out the Athletics link under Activities tab or the Clubs/Extra Curricular link under the Parents and Students tab for more information.

Can Grand Haven CyberSchool students join Grand Haven sports programs?

Yes, full-time Grand Haven CyberSchool students are eligible to try out for any of the sports offered by Grand Haven Area Public Schools. Also, for students interested in participating in athletics, MHSAA rules for eligibility concerning enrollment, eligibility, and transfers will apply, which requires students to be enrolled and passing 67 percent (four) of their online courses.

What are some characteristics of a successful online learner?

Successful online students tend to:

  • Take ownership of their learning. They understand how they learn best, not just what they learn.
  • Have good time management and organization skills.
  • Have good written communications skills (for assignments and for communicating with teachers and other students).
  • Are willing to advocate for themselves and ask for help.
  • Follow online community norms with proper "netiquette".

What happens if Grand Haven CyberSchool is not a good fit for my student?

Students may request administrative approval to transfer to another Grand Haven Area Public Schools traditional education programs. 

What are Michigan's high school graduation requirements?

Current high school graduation requirements are listed on the Graduation Requirements link under the Academics tab.

When a student completes the requirements, will they have to take a GED test or do they get a diploma from Grand Haven Cyber School?

Students who complete the graduation requirements will earn a Grand Haven CyberSchool diploma.