Enrollment Process

Students From Grand Haven High School

  1. Meet with High School Assistant Principal and/or GHHS Counselor to discuss transfer to Central High School.  This meeting can be initiated by student or parent.  
  2. If recommendation is made to transfer to Central, the student or parent must contact Central High School to set up an appointment to tour the school.  
  3. Following the meeting at Central High School, if the student/parent wishes to continue the process of transferring, the student or parent needs to confirm with GHHS counselor. 
  4. The GHHS counselor will provide the student with a form titled: "Intra-district transfer".  Once this form is returned to the counselor signed by both the parent and student, the student will be transferred to Central High School.  
  5. Student is admitted to Central High School once a "transfer" form has been completed and on file at Central High School.

Out of District Students

* Please note - Central High School is accepting applications for out of district enrollment.  Unfortunately, can not place students in classes at this time due to enrollment restrictions.  


  1. Obtain a copy of transcripts from previous school(s).
  2. Set up an appointment with the Principal of Central High School.
  3. Bring a parent or guardian to attend the intake meeting.
  4. Provide current immunization records.
  5. Provide a birth certificate.