Student Orientation

2021-22 School Year

Location: White Pines Intermediate Gymnasium


  • 5th Grade
    • Thursday, August 19 from 10:00a to 12:00p (Last Names A-L)
    • Thursday, August 19 from 3:00p to 5:00p (Last Names M-Z)
  • 6th Grade
    • Friday, August 20 from 10:00a to 12:00p (Last Names A-L)
    • Friday, August 20 from 3:00p to 5:00p (Last Names M-Z)

Student Orientation is the summer event each August when students and parents come to school in preparation for the new school  year.  

Student Orientation 2021

White Pines Intermediate Gymnasium

    • Thursday, August 19 from 10:00a to 12:00p (Last names A-L)
    • Thursday, August 19 from 3:00p to 5:00p  (Last names M-Z)
    • Friday, August 20 from 10:00a to 12:00p (Last names A-L)
    • Friday, August 20 from 3:00p to 5:00p (Last names M-Z)

ParentVUE/Contact Information

Our online ParentVUE offers secure access to school and student information, including current quiz, test, project grades, and report cards. If you have not activated your ParentVue account, your activation letter will be enclosed in the upcoming mailing. Access ParentVUE in the upper right-hand corner of our home page at website. IMPORTANT: Parents are asked to check ParentVUE for accuracy of contact information. This information is critical for emergency purposes.

Email Sign-Up

Parents are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our school email list so we may continue to share timely and relevant information with you. Visit and on the home page, click on Parent Email Sign Up. You must subscribe each year to your student's current grade and unsubscribe from their previous grade.


All students at White Pines receive a Chromebook for classroom and home use. An optional insurance policy is available for $20 ($15 for reduced meal students and $5 for free meal students) which covers the first two accidental device damages for the year (no deductible). Visit the Parents & Students section on our website for more information. Fees may be paid online thru ParentVUE, cash or check at orientation. Make checks payable to GHAPS only; no debit/credit cards.

Phys Ed T-Shirts

Students are required to purchase a t-shirt for physical education class. Cost is $8; cash or checks payable to GHAPS; no debit/credit cards.

Student Photo ID

All students will need a photograph taken for their school identification card, which is used as a lunch debit card and library card. Students will also have their school picture taken at this time, and parents may select a photo package to purchase. You may External Linkpay Geskus Photo online or make a check payable to Geskus Photography.


A Google form MUST be completed for each student requesting busing. The Google form can be found online HERE. Busing schedules will be posted on ParentVUE two weeks prior to the start of school. If you have questions after receiving your student's busing schedule, please contact Transportation at 616.850.5150.


All medication received at Student Services MUST be in the original container and accompanied with Form 5330 F1. Form 5330 F1 must be completed by both parent AND physician if your child is to receive prescription and/or non-prescription medication during the school day. Medication may be dropped off at Student Services during Orientation if accompanied by required paperwork. 

North Ottawa Recreation Authority

NORA provides extensive athletic opportunities and various recreational activities for students at White Pines. Information and registration about their programs may be found External Linkonline at NORA.

Food Services

The USDA extended the pandemic free meal waiver; therefore, students at Grand Haven Area Public Schools will receive free breakfast and lunch for the 2021-22 school year.

5th Grade Parent Meeting

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 -- 6:00-7:00 PM -- White Pines Auditorium

White Pines Open House (Both 5th/6th grades)

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 -- 5:30-6:30 PM -- Parents and students will begin in their homeroom at 5:30. Parents will receive a video from their team of teachers prior to the event. This video will review all of the key elements on team business for the school year.

5th Grade Music

All 5th grade students will start out with GENERAL MUSIC for the first 9 weeks of school. During that time, students will have the chance to interact with each of the options (choir, band and orchestra). At the end of the 9 weeks, students will make their decision and we will reassign them.

Parent Pick Up and Drop Off

We have two locations at WPI ready for Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off. The first area is located on the North Side of the building. 5th grade parents will enter the north entrance and wrap around the front to the gym doors; students may enter the location at that spot. 6th grade parents will enter the south parking lot and wrap around alongside the building for pick-up and drop-off.