Departments & Course Syllabi

The award winning Art Department at GHHS offers a broad range of art experiences for students who are interested in expanding their appreciation of the arts, mastering specific visual arts skills and exploring their own creativity.  We are firmly committed to allowing each individual to reach their own creative potential in areas including both 2 and 3 dimensional design. 

Our experienced staff gives each student a chance to make, evaluate and learn about great works of art in classes including but not limited to Painting, Drawing, Computer Aided Design, Sculpture, Photography, Jewelry and Ceramics.  Our long standing tradition of excellence continues to serve our students as they present portfolios, apply for secondary programs in the arts, enter shows, and pursue careers in the visual arts.

PDF DocumentAdvanced Art Portfolio
PDF DocumentAnimation
PDF DocumentCeramics I
PDF DocumentCeramics II
PDF DocumentDigital Photography
PDF DocumentDrawing I
PDF DocumentDrawing II
PDF DocumentIntroduction to Digital Art
PDF DocumentIntroduction to Studio Art
PDF DocumentJewelry I
PDF DocumentJewelry II
PDF DocumentPainting I
PDF DocumentPainting II

The GHHS Business Services Technology Department is committed to equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workplace.  We offer an overview of essential business skills in the areas of engineering, product design, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance, as well as technology.  Our staff has networked with business professionals and we bring our own experiences from the workplace into the classroom.  We provide a blended, independent learning environment where students are encouraged to explore solutions and participate in problem-based activities.

PDF DocumentAccounting 2
PDF DocumentWork Based Learning (Co-op)
PDF DocumentArchitectural Design
PDF DocumentDesign and Manufacturing I
PDF DocumentDesign and Manufacturing II
PDF DocumentMarketing/Sales Course
PDF DocumentAccounting
PDF DocumentStudent Assistant Program
PDF DocumentiCreate 360

The goal of the Grand Haven High School Language Arts department is to help students to be involved, to be willing to learn and to share what they have learned, and to both be willing to take the risk of voicing opinions and listen to the opinions of others.  We strive for each student to refine critical thinking skills, draw conclusions, and express him/herself through both verbal and written forms of communication.  As teachers of literacy, we hope that all students will grow to enjoy literature and informative texts, and make both a part of their lives as a source of recreation and learning.  We encourage students to move beyond the literal meaning of texts for greater understanding and to be aware of different philosophies and genres of literature. Most of all, we hope to instill a connection between the subjects that are studied and each student’s life.

PDF DocumentEnglish 9
PDF DocumentEnglish 10 A & B
PDF DocumentHonors English 10
PDF DocumentEnglish 11 A & B
PDF DocumentAP Literature A & B
PDF DocumentAP Language A & B
PDF DocumentCollege English
PDF DocumentCreative Writing I
PDF DocumentCreative Writing II
PDF DocumentContemporary Literature
PDF DocumentIndependent Reading
PDF DocumentHumanities
PDF DocumentMedia Productions
PDF DocumentPublic Speaking and Communication I
PDF DocumentPublic Speaking and Communication II
PDF DocumentReading Between the Lines
PDF DocumentDrama I
PDF DocumentDrama II
PDF DocumentFilm Analysis
PDF DocumentFolklore and Mythology
PDF DocumentReading & Writing Workshop I
PDF DocumentReading & Writing Workshop II
PDF DocumentYearbook
PDF DocumentHealth

The Grand Haven High School Math Department has a focus on developing our student's critical thinking skills. Following the Common Core State Standards, we are able to reach all of our students through enrichment type activities or through remediation materials. We currently offer support for our students through our Math Lab, which is staffed with certified math teachers, as well as on-line materials for most of our courses. The math department highly recommends each student have their own graphing calculator (TI-83 or better) in order to practice higher level problems throughout the high school years. We offer elective classes that are outside the graduation requirements to enhance the mathematical experience which include, Personal Finance I & II, Sports Statistics, Visual Math, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB & BC, Trigonometry, and Introduction to Statistics.

PDF DocumentAlgebra I
PDF DocumentAlgebra II
PDF DocumentCalculus AB
PDF DocumentGeometry
PDF DocumentHonors Algebra II
PDF DocumentMath of Games
PDF DocumentPersonal Finance I
PDF DocumentPersonal Finance II
PDF DocumentAP PreCalc
PDF DocumentStatistics
PDF DocumentTrigonometry
PDF DocumentAP Statistics
PDF DocumentAP Calculus BC

The Music Department at GHHS offers a wide variety of musical experiences for all interested students, regardless of previous experience or ability.  Options for both vocal and instrumental students include auditioned, advanced ensembles; non-auditioned ensembles; extra-curricular performing opportunities; musical theatre and guitar. Our mission is to provide safe, family-oriented learning environments through the study of music where students’ self-expression is valued and encouraged. Through the study of music and performance, we teach teamwork, music literacy, cultural appreciation, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our long standing tradition of excellence includes international and domestic travel, participation in the Michigan Youth Arts Festival, State and District Festivals, Solo & Ensemble and regularly requested community performances.

PDF DocumentAdvanced Women's Choral Ensemble
PDF DocumentChamber Choir
PDF DocumentChoral Ensemble
PDF DocumentFreshmen Chorale
PDF DocumentWomen's Chorus
PDF DocumentChamber Orchestra
PDF DocumentConcert Orchestra
PDF DocumentSymphony Orchestra
PDF DocumentSymphonic Band
PDF DocumentMusic Department Handbook
PDF DocumentColor Guard
PDF DocumentConcert Band
PDF DocumentIntro to Guitar
PDF DocumentJazz Band
PDF DocumentWind Ensemble

The physical education department at Grand Haven High School is focused on giving students the tools, strategies and motivations for being physically active and fit well beyond graduation. We meet these goals by offering a variety of cutting edge physical education classes from traditional team sports, to women's health, trail running, triathlon training, fitness training and outdoor education to name a few. There is a class for every type of student, meeting most any interest level in physical activity and exertion level.

PDF DocumentIntro to PE
PDF DocumentFitness Training
PDF DocumentOutdoor Ed
PDF DocumentTriathlon Training
PDF DocumentAdvanced Functional Conditioning and Training
PDF DocumentTeam Sports
PDF DocumentWomen's Fitness
PDF DocumentYoga, Pilates Fitness
PDF DocumentWeight Training

The goal of the Grand Haven High School Science department is to help students become life-long learners and develop the necessary skills to critique scientific evidences regarding the world around them. We strive to assist each student in the development of critical thinking skills, including the ability to make inferences and draw probable conclusions regarding scientific data. We desire the student to not only learn the factual concepts we teach, but also seek to create new alternatives and solutions to many of the scientific problems we encounter today.

PDF DocumentAP Biology
PDF DocumentAP Chemistry
PDF DocumentAP Physics
PDF DocumentAstronomy
PDF DocumentBiology
PDF DocumentHonors Biology
PDF DocumentGreenhouse Bio
PDF DocumentProject Science
PDF DocumentWildlife Biology
PDF DocumentAP Environmental Science
PDF DocumentEarth Science
PDF DocumentScience Dept Grading Scale
PDF DocumentScience Safety Contract (All Classes)
PDF DocumentHonors Physics
PDF DocumentPhysical Science - Chemistry
PDF DocumentPhysical Science - Physics
PDF DocumentAnatomy Procedures
PDF DocumentAnatomy & Physiology
PDF DocumentHonors Chemistry

The Social Studies department seeks to foster students’ critical-thinking skills in ways that will help them become well-informed, participatory citizens in our democracy. By grappling with historical, economic, and political challenges, students do not merely learn facts about controversial issues. Instead, we teach them the need to weigh the pros and cons of various political arguments, to seek out informative sources, to weigh bias in those sources, and to construct persuasive arguments that rely on evidence rather than upon logical fallacies. We work with all students to improve their writing, their ability to distinguish correlation versus causation, and their ability to persuade others. We urge students to challenge received wisdom, and to grapple with the implications of history, economics, and the other social studies disciplines for themselves. Our goal is to help all students discover the connection between the events of the past, the circumstances of the present, and the way that both influence the lives of young people.

PDF DocumentAP European History
PDF DocumentAP Government
PDF DocumentAP Psychology
PDF DocumentCurrent Affairs
PDF DocumentEconomics
PDF DocumentGovernment
PDF DocumentIntroduction to Psychology
PDF DocumentLaw
PDF DocumentUS History
PDF DocumentWorld History

Grand Haven High School offers a wide range of programs and support services for students with disabilities, and ensures that students have access to all educational opportunities. All programs and services are provided based on the individual needs of each student according to their IEP. We provide support in general education classes through teaming and instructional assistants. MERIT and resource room classes are available for students who need more support. Our building also houses categorical programs for students with eligibilities of Autism, Cognitive Impairment, Emotional Impairment, and Severe Multiple Impairment. Support services may also include school psychologists, school social workers, special education consultants, speech and language therapists, occupational and physical therapists and autism specialists.

PDF DocumentAdapted Art
PDF DocumentADPE
PDF DocumentCBT
PDF DocumentLCCE Health
PDF DocumentRR Algebra I
PDF DocumentRR Algebra II
PDF DocumentRR Language Arts 9 AB
PDF DocumentSXI Program
PDF DocumentDirected Study
PDF DocumentGuided Academics
PDF DocumentRR Geometry AB
PDF DocumentVocational Math

The goals of the Grand Haven High School World Language Department are to help students become global citizens with cultural awareness and sensitivity, become proficient in another language, and strive to speak like a heritage speaker in the target language. We help students demonstrate their language acquisition through practicing listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. As teachers of world languages, we hope our students develop an interest in learning more about the world in which they live, and discover ways to use their language skills in and out of class. We provide opportunities to learn about culture through authentic materials, recipes, videos, and photographs, and we share our own travel experiences to inspire curiosity in our students. We believe it is important for students to learn different cultural perspectives and we help students make connections to the real world.

PDF DocumentSpanish I A & B
PDF DocumentSpanish II A & B
PDF DocumentSpanish III A & B
PDF DocumentSpanish IV A & B
PDF DocumentSpanish V A & B
PDF DocumentGerman I 
PDF DocumentGerman II
PDF DocumentGerman III
PDF DocumentGerman IV & V